A new style of portrait

It seems like I only post here when I’ve made a self-portrait.

Only one of those is me.

They’re a little different to my previous work. I have a tendency to become obsessed with details, trying to make things dark and well defined, which often leads to overdone local contrast and colour. But I’ve always liked an approach which is more textured, with areas of detail where it matters and economy or chaos where it doesn’t - I’ve just always had trouble realising it. So here I’ve made a deliberate attempt to smudge, to lose edges and leave out details. I’ve used an acetone spray in the shadows to try and give some more texture to the charcoal. I’m trying to channel the work of Casey Baugh, and more indirectly Simon Davis

I hope to do a series of portraits like this. Hopefully it doesn’t just look like people whose heads are on fire!

(Full disclosure: the self-portrait was done from a photo, which is cheating, the other was entirely from life though!)

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